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Clip Title: New York, The Dynamic City - Promotional Film 1960s 1970s
MyFootage ID: 381-011257
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Year: 70s
Master format: BETA SP

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Film from the early 1970s promoting tourism in New York City. Features footage of: The Statue of Liberty; The New York City skyline; the Brooklyn Bridge; the United Nations building; Park Avenue; Classic cabs on Park Avenue; 5th Avenue; Women windows shopping; foot traffic on 5th Avenue; St. Patrick's Cathedral; Rockefeller Center; Rooftop view of lower Manhattan; the Empire State Building; City Hall; Washington Arch; Men playing chess in Greenwich Village; Artists sketching and selling paintings in the the Village; View from the top of the RCA building of Central Park; Hansom cabs; Elephants, a Lion, and a Rhino in the Central Park Zoo; Shea Stadium; subway; Times Square; Cafe Wha?; Sardi's; Theater Row.

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