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Clip Title: Factory Town, 1930s
MyFootage ID: 902014-000111
Start: 00:01:11  End:
Year: 40s
Master format: BETA SP

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902014, 1930s, social documentary showing the damage visited on the people of a Pennsylvania steel town by the deployment of new technology.

00:01:13 small town morning, factory town, workers going to work, man lights pipe, boy watches from window.

00:02:45 luncheonette, workers eat breakfast, cu filling thremos with coffee, tired looking man looks out at passing train.

00:03:18 train engineer driving train, POV train passing factory buildings.

00:03:36 factory workers going to work

00:03:54 factory, workers, machines, assembly lines, various.

00:07:57 small town main street USA, pedestrians on street, stores, shopping.

00:08:52 train, railroad traveling

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