Stock Footage: SURF'S UP - SURFERS IN HAWAII, 1960s
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Clip Title: SURF'S UP - SURFERS IN HAWAII, 1960s
MyFootage ID: 590-011841
Start: 01:18:41  End:
Year: 60s
Master format: BETA SP

Description: [Back]
Shots: Map of island of Oahu; couple walking on the beach; LS of surf washing into north shore; pointer moving over map of oahu; aerial of beaches; surfers on beach; freeze frame of surfer on waves; crowd on beach, watching surfers; judges at table on beach, watching surfers in competition; surfer riding wave to completion; surfer wipes out on wave; children on beach, helping surfer wax his board; CU of woman's navel, zoom out to couple tanning on beach; surfers exiting surf with boards, walking up beach at dusk; two surfers close together riding wave; child playing on beach; POV of surfer on board; kids on platform on windy beach.

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