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Clip Title: Royal Navy Exercise
MyFootage ID: 333191-095943
Start: 09:59:43  End:
Year: 1985
Master format: BETA SP Origination format: 16mm

Description: [Back]
British Royal Navy Exercise

09:59:43 War Footage, Aerial of ship blown up by missile, navy destroyer Culture

09:59:49 War Footage destroyer ship firing cannons Culture

09:59:58 War Footage airplane shot out of sky by missile, blows up Culture

10:00:08 Navy ship on high seas E Culture

10:00:15 War Footage, Navy, missiles going into locked and ready position Culture

10:00:30 War Footage montage of battle ships, ships firing rockets and cannons, many shots including interior ship, loading and firing, aerial. Culture

10:01:08 WS & MS Aerial along Battleship or warship on high seas Culture

10:01:23 Aerial across bow of battleship Culture

10:01:30 War Footage navy missiles being readied and fired, crew watching, various shots Culture

10:02:10 Aerial navy ship firing missile Culture

10:02:50 Extreme Slow Motion missile blowing up ship Culture

10:03:06 Artsy shot of missiles going around, war navy, montage of missiles and cannons firing Culture

10:03:43 War Footage, montage generic 1970's Navy battle boats blowing up, firing cannons, quick cuts, montage goes 6 minutes Culture

10:04:15 men in front of radar screens Culture

10:06:27 Radar Screen Culture

10:07:45 Aerial, XWS Navy battleship on high seas, waves crashing on bow Culture

10:07:51 Montage of gunner, sailors at scopes, radar screens, firing missiles

10:08:14 Aerial WS and toward camera, Navy battleship on high seas E Culture

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