Stock Footage: Bicycles Are Beautiful with Bill Cosby, 1970s - Part 1
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Clip Title: Bicycles Are Beautiful with Bill Cosby, 1970s - Part 1
MyFootage ID: DA107-001230
Start: 99:12:30  End:
Year: 1974
Master format: BETA SP Origination format: 16mm

Description: [Back]
1970s Bicycle Are Beautiful - Film With Bill Cosby. Shots

include: Paperboy on bicycle, throwing paper into white picket

fence suburban yard; four men on a tandem bike, going around a

turn; various people on bicycles on city streets, including

downtown San Francisco; man falling off large wheel old time

bike; three boys jumping a small hill in tandem on mountain

bikes; Bill Cosby in a bike shop; boy polishing front wheel of

bike; various shots of everyday people riding bikes on roads;

bike rider in helmet crashes when car door is opened in front of

him; Bill Cosby with old time bike, explaining the history of

bikes with some animation and photos. color, 1974.

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